We partner with you to create a more positive and engaging employee experience

We incepted TGI Monday! in 2017, with the idea to join forces to “make happiness at work the new norm not the exception”.

Thanks to our complementary expertise and experiences from management, HR, event communication, marketing and executive coaching, our mission is to engage employers in driving their employees’ happiness at work by:

  • Positioning happiness at work as the experience of positive emotions across the day;

  • Inspiring employees to take the lead in their own happiness at work – we are convinced that it has a lot to do with personal discipline and is definitely at reach for any employee part of a caring organization;

  • Partnering with employers to improve their employees’ self-realisation and engagement;

  • Sharing best practices and tools with managers and HR professionals to support them in driving their teams’ happiness at work;

  • Innovating in our approach to happiness: we base our research on the science of happiness and value the power of the experience as the ultimate learning method.

Our services offer spans from keynote, workshops and programs:


Talks / Keynotes

By being both inspiring and engaging, our keynotes can be a great start to EDUCATE and generate the team’s buy in.

Using a mix of presentations, videos, exercices and self reflection, and based on scientific principles whether fromPositive Psychology or Neurosciences, they aim at guiding the audience to shift their minds to contribute to a happier workplace.

With practical exercises, they engage and energize participants and let them experience the message, providing easy and simple take away ideas that anyone can use to change their workplace from day 1.

Our conferences can be customized to suit any specific needs of the audience (HR professionals, managers & leaders, …) and are perfect for any company’s on boarding programs, leadership committee meeting, management seminars, team building events, lunches & learn, well-being week, …

Duration: 1 to 2 hours



Our inspiring workshops are one step forward to the keynotes for companies willing to offer a broader understanding of motivation drivers and ENGAGE both employees and leaders in actually making the change.

Fully customized, they are always a unique combination of topics and activitiesthat are carefully chosen to suit your company’s specific needs. With scientificinsights, self reflection, team exercises and fun activities – and thanks to collective intelligence – participants work based on their own circumstances and come up with ideas and plans for creating a better workplace together. That way, the message is anchored and participants leave ready to act on it right away.

Our workshops are great for staff retreats, management seminars, leadership training, onboarding programs or as a team learning initiative.

Duration: 1/2 to 3 days



With our programs, we partner with our clients to create a more positive and engaging employee experience on the long term.

In this VUCA* world, TGIM has developed a truly unique approach to happiness at work, based on the 6 intrisec motivation drivers: Meaning, Autonomy, Progress, Positive Feedback, Positivity and Care. By inspiring Management and HR teams with best practices, we help integrate happiness at work into the overall business strategy.

With a mix of keynotes for all staff, customized workshops and working groups, our programs cover all steps from education, engagement and long term sustainable change. Based on the shared responsibility of employee and leadership, the program approach is fully designed to energize teams, by shifting mindsets and give the will to implement initiatives right away.

 With a structured follow up with the management and the team, TGIM provides support on the co-design and implementation of the  happiness at work plan, keeping the vision of happiness at work in every step of the employee experience.

Some of our most popular topics include:

  • Leading with happiness (managers only)

  • The basics of positive psychology

  • Introduction to the science of happiness at work

  • Cultivating positive emotions

  • Discover and embrase your strengths

  • Building strong relationships at work

  • Motivational secrets unlock

  • The power of positive feedbacks

  • Towards a more meaningful work

  • Starting your Happiness at work plan

  • Playing there “Choosing Happiness at work” game

As of today, we celebrate two years of workshops and programs with more than 1400 people inspired with Happiness at Work! We are grateful to our clients for their trust and positive feedbacks about our past and future projects together:


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